Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unique Locations for a Unique Event- Part 2

Locating the Unusual Location- Part 2

Hey there readers! As promised, here is Part 2 of great places you might consider for your wedding venue.


Restaurants can be great places to have a wedding reception. Maybe it was where you had your first date, or somewhere you go often now as a couple. By having a reception at a restaurant, you can expect the food to be just like it would be if you were going for a great night out. They have all of the dinnerware, tables and linens so you may cut costs on rentals. But you may be limited on space, and depending on the venue, dancing may not be as high on the priority list. A great restaurant for a small, intimate event, perhaps even a shower or anniversary dinner is TreVi in Glenside, PA. TreVi's classic Italian cuisine will bring a warmth to your special night that you won't find in larger restaurants.


On a lovely spring or summer day, there's no better place to be than in a park. They provide the perfect natural backdrop to any event and it gives a fun, down to earth vibe for your guests to relax with. You may want to consider just having the ceremony in the park, with a reception venue with an indoor space. Tenting is also an option but figure out the logistics of bathrooms, catering areas and any park service rules about having events in the park. One of the nicest parks just outside of Philadelphia is Sculpture Park at the Abington Art Center. Within the wooded park area are sculptures from local artists scattered throughout. The displays are changed every so often and with a pavilion for the reception, you get the best of both worlds!

Art Galleries

If you and your fiance are the artistic sort, an art gallery or museum will be perfect for you. Guests usually have time to roam the galleries during cocktail hour and your reception will need little decoration to make the room look fabulous. Be careful of rules stating where you're allowed to have food and beverages. One of the best art venues in Philly is the Fleisher Art Memorial. The gallery spaces at Fleisher add so much detail and interest to an event that will awe your guests and a venue like this is hard to find in Philadelphia!

Corporate Centers
A lot of large companies have big spaces that they use for their own events or just have very large lobbies with interesting displays that end up being perfect for private events. They are usually blank slates which allow you to really personalize the space and most of them have a modern feel that really lends itself to some great lighting options. A great venue is WHYY, Philadelphia's public radio and tv producer which rents out portions of their building for private events. With its large spaces and beyond average media capabilities, you can really put together a fun, personalized event, plus they display your names and a congratulations message on their jumbo screen on the front of the building.

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