Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Planning a Wedding Shower?

Wedding Shower Etiquette and Ideas

Who hosts my bridal shower?

It used to be in bad taste for any family members, including sisters or mothers to host a bridal shower since it seemed they were begging for gifts. Typically, nowadays, its not unusual for sisters to host since they are often the leaders of the bridal party. Showers are hosted by the Maid of Honor and usually include the rest of the bridal party for much of the planning and party costs. A bride should NEVER host her own shower and should have little input and let the hosts do their thing. A bride should step in and help with the guest lists and minor details. Showers are usually held no sooner than two months before the wedding date.

Who is invited?

Showers are reserved for the nearest and dearest, (and those distant Aunts who live for this sort of stuff). A lot of times a bride will have more than one shower, due to families living in different areas, or office showers, or any other reason everyone can't be together all at the same time. In this case regardless of who is hosting the shower, the mother and the bridal party should  be invited to every party. Not every woman on the guest list has to be invited, but do include the groom's side of the family.

Basic Ettiquette for the Bride

  1. You should be there along with the host of the party to greet all of your guests (unless its a surprise, of course)
  2. Registry information should be kept off of the official invitation, hostesses should try to spread the word, or include a separate note with the invitation with registry information. Wedding websites are fantastic for this info.
  3. Never ask for cash, even asking for gift cards can seem in bad taste.
  4. Don't use the gifts until after the wedding. God forbid anything is postponed or canceled, you want to be able to return the gifts.
  5. A registry is not required but seeing as that is basically the point of today's bridal shower, it will ensure you don't have to smile through your teeth with every "Thank you".

Groom's corner

Many showers now include the groom or even state outright that its a “couple's shower”. Both the bride and groom can register, and men and women have equal part in the guest list. It can be a fun way to make sure that the day isn't solely about the bride. If instead you choose a traditional shower, it is also a returning tradition for the groom to arrive with flowers for the bride and hosts just before the gift opening.

Games and Shower themes

  1. Round-the-clock- This theme provides each guest with an hour of the day for which they buy an appropriate gift. Midnight- a sexy piece of lingerie, 6 pm- cooking ware, 7 am- individual cup coffee brewer.
  2. Facebook Status Game- Have a list of statuses taken from the bride and groom's facebook pages,  guests will have to guess who posted what. Whoever has the most correct wins!
  3. Shoebox shower- Every gift should fit into a shoe box. The idea is that if it will fit in a shoe box, it will fit in a suitcase for the honeymoon.
  4. Traditionally, the MOH will collect the bows from all of the presents and make a ribbon bouquet for the bride to carry down the aisle during the rehearsal.
  5. Clean and Dirty- guests bring one gift to use for cleaning, and a dirty, sexy gift. Example: Clean- Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  Dirty- a sexy toy.
  6. Right-Left Game- The host or one of the bridesmaids will write a story about how the couple met using the words “right” and “left” as many times as possible. Hand one or two prizes out to the guests and each time “right” or “left” is said in the story, they must pass the gift in that direction. When the story is over, whoever is holding the prize, wins it!

And above all, don't forget timely, thoughtful “Thank You”  Cards.